You asked: How can I see sister of the groom?

Is sister of the groom on Amazon Prime?

Watch Sister Of The Groom | Prime Video.

What happens in sister of the groom?

Story – The story follows a sister returning home for her brother’s wedding meeting the future wife for the first time and not everything goes to plan. The story does seem to look to take a bigger focus on the sister and not getting into a true rivalry between the two, despite the tension being there between the two.

Why is sister of the groom rated R?

Saban Films presents a film written and directed by Amy Miller Gross. Rated R (for language, drug use, some sexual content and brief nudity). Running time: 92 minutes.

When was sister of the groom filmed?

Sister of the Groom is a 2020 American comedy film, written and directed by Amy Miller Gross.

Sister of the Groom
Music by Jay Lifton
Production companies Mandorla Productions Premiere Entertainment
Distributed by Saban Films
Release date December 18, 2020

Where is sister of the groom set?

Audrey attempts to stop her brother from marrying a young French woman during their rescheduled wedding weekend in the Hamptons, which happens to be the same weekend she turns 40.

What is the meaning of groom sister?

n. 1 a person employed to clean and look after horses. 2 See → bridegroom. 3 any of various officers of a royal or noble household. 4 Archaic a male servant or attendant.

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Where was sister of the bride filmed?

In fact several of the network’s movies have filmed in areas in and around British Columbia, Canada. As far as I can tell, Sister of the Bride was actually filmed in Palm Springs, California. Take a look at the trailer and breathe in those palm trees and California sunshine.