What level do you get married in Kim Kardashian game?

What level do you have to be at to get married KKH?

To get married you must be at least level 6 with a relationship meter rating of at least 250 with your partner.

Can I propose in KKH?

In order to get engaged, you will need to invite your romantic interest on a fourth date. During that date, they will propose to you. If you choose to accept, you will unlock an engagement ring, which will automatically be available in your closet.

How long is the wedding in KKH?

That depends on your level of dedication. If you have time to play as you wish it can take up to four days. If you play straight through you can get it done in about two. Now you just have to hope your wedding lasts longer than 72 days.

Can you marry Cassio KKH?

You cannot date Cassio unfortunately. He’ll flirt with you in the game but it won’t give you an option to date him or Raul.

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Why is the bedroom locked in KKH?

Unlike any of your other homes, you rent this apartment from a landlord, and it’s not your own property. 750. If you don’t pay Silvio the money, the apartment will be locked until you pay him the rent you owe. The locked bedroom in the apartment unlocks as a nursery once you get a baby.

Can you get married in Kim Kardashian game?

Along with the 2.0 update, the developers of the game added a feature that allows you to get married with your partner in Florence, Italy—the same place where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got hitched in real life!

How do you get married in the Kim Kardashian game?

After purchasing at least 1 item from the Wedding Collection for your character, it’s time to begin planning your wedding! Travel to Il Forte in Florence and talk to wedding planner Rupert Ambrose to get started.

What happens if you reject a marriage proposal KKH?

As long as you do not decline the advances, you will move on to the proposal on time. However, if you do decline, the proposal will be significantly delayed as your partner does not like rejection so will be hesitant to offer again. This does not mean you cannot get married, however.

Do you have to buy a wedding dress in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

Although you don’t have to purchase all of the items in the wedding collection, you do need to purchase at least 1 item and be wearing that item in order to unlock the next goal in the wedding series, The Wedding Planner.

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How do you honeymoon on the Kim Kardashian game?

You can go on a honeymoon in the game, but only if your definition of honeymoon is as loose as your publicist’s Maria’s definition. After the ceremony she rings you up to tell you congratulations and then tells you to go out there and be seen by the press lest they forget your name.

What happens if you don’t pay Rupert in time?

You have 24 hours, real time, to pay him the money. If you succeed in paying him, you’ll be able to decorate the venue to your taste before unlocking the next goal, Home Front. If you do not succeed in paying him, you’ll unlock, instead, the Putting It Together goal.

Who is Chad Dylan Parker based on?

She is based off of Victoria Beckham in appearance along with her partner Chad Dylan Parker being based off of David Beckham in appearance.

Who is Cassio KKH?

Cassio is the owner of the 10AX Club in Florence who is a bit of a mystery man. He is a very successful entrepreneur who enjoys expensive cars and painting in his spare time. He has had many romantic relationships that are well documented in even the trashiest of tabloid magazines.

Can you date Raul Ferro?

According to RT and Rosa Manzi, Raul hasn’t dated much, despite being an eligible bachelor.