What are the requirements to get married in DC?

How quickly can you get married in DC?

It is possible to get married at the courthouse for free, but you must apply for an appointment for a Civil Wedding Ceremony – currently, the DC Marriage Bureau asks that this be at least 10 days after the license is issued. Depending on the time of year, the wait for a courthouse wedding can be rather lengthy.

Can you get married in DC right now?

The DC Marriage Bureau has reopened for in-person service at a limited capacity, but the DC Marriage Bureau waiting room is closed until further notice. Applicants may still sign in and wait in the hallway for their name to be called, but our customers have reported wait times of up to 3 hours during peak times.

Do you need officiant to get married in DC?

Do you need an officiant to get married in DC? Yes. DC is the only jurisdiction that requires marriage to be performed by an officiant authorized by the DC Court Marriage Bureau office. This means that you cannot have someone officiate the wedding without the court’s permission.

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Do you need a witness to get married in DC?

Witnesses are not required for marriages using a Washington, DC marriage license. All that is needed for the marriage to be legal is the signature of the authorized, registered wedding officiant whose name is printed on your DC marriage license.

How can I legally get married online?

Getting started is as simple as filling in a form and we’ll take it from there.

  1. Fill in an inquiry form on the website and upload an identification document.
  2. Choose your preferred date and type of wedding ceremony.
  3. Pay online with our secure payment process.
  4. We organize the marriage ceremony and the paperwork for you.

How do you elope in DC?

To get legally elope in Washington, DC on your own you will need to apply for your marriage license. In this amazing and diverse city, you can literally get married anywhere you wish completely on your own. Due to COVID-19, the Washington, DC Marriage Bureau is processing marriage applications remotely.

How do you become a domestic partner in DC?

Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age, unmarried, competent to enter a contract, and not engaged in another domestic partnership. They must prove they share a mutual, permanent residence by submitting ONE of the following: A current residential lease or rental agreement naming both applicants as occupants.

How do you get married at the courthouse?

Courthouse wedding checklist

  1. Do your research. …
  2. Gather the required documents. …
  3. Apply for a marriage license. …
  4. Set a courthouse ceremony date. …
  5. Secure a court-approved officiant. …
  6. Get a witness (if necessary). …
  7. Invite your family and friends. …
  8. Think about post-ceremony celebrations.
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How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse in DC?

You will also need to bring payment of $45 for your DC marriage license. The fee can be paid in cash or by credit or debit card.

How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse in Maryland?

The marriage license fee is $35.00. There is an additional fee of $25.00 for civil ceremonies performed by a judge, the clerk of court, or a designated deputy clerk of the circuit court, payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the time of the application. Photo identification is required for applicants.

How do I change my name after marriage in DC?

To change your name, you will need to visit a DMV Service Center and bring your current DC driver license, learner permit, or non-driver identification card along with one of the following original documents: Certified marriage certificate (name change due to marriage) Divorce decree (name change due to divorce)