Quick Answer: Do you tell people you’re engaged?

Do you announce your engagement?

Once the proposal excitement settles, be sure to send formal engagement announcements to your loved ones. If you want to stick to tradition, consider a paper announcement along with an invite to an engagement party.

How do you announce that you’re engaged?

Engagement announcement wording ideas:

  1. My hand feels heavier today… …
  2. I never want to stop making memories with you.
  3. No longer available. …
  4. It started with a little crush, and now I have a ring on my finger.
  5. The easiest “Yes” I’ve ever said.
  6. Can’t wait to grow old together.
  7. The beginning of forever.
  8. Forever yours.

How long should you wait to announce your engagement?

“If you’re naturally a bit shy or private, hold off for a few days to digest the big news. If you’re over-the-moon pumped and love to share on social media in general, post away. A grace period may look like one hour to you and one week to others, and that’s perfectly okay.”

Who should I tell about my engagement?

Your Parents

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After children, parents or parental figures should be the first to know about the proposal. Deciding how to tell your parents you’re engaged is a personal choice. Consider sharing the news over a nice dinner or through a creative engagement announcement.

Do you tell your coworkers you’re engaged?

“You should tell your employer you are engaged as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Depending on the office environment, it may be something that you’d like to share right away,” she says. Be clear on your commitment to your job.

Should I announce my engagement on Facebook?

Don’t announce your engagement immediately

Good engagement etiquette dictates that you make sure that you’ve contacted all your close family members and friends personally before posting. “The best way is via a short phone call or personal email,” says Rachel Wagner, licensed corporate etiquette consultant.

How do you say you’re engaged on Facebook?

Classic mobile browser experience

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name.
  2. Tap See Your About Info.
  3. Scroll down to the Relationship section.
  4. Tap Add a relationship status or tap to Edit status you’ve added already.
  5. Choose your relationship status and use the audience selector to choose your privacy setting.

What do you say in engagement post?


  • “Here’s to your engagement! …
  • “Cheers on your engagement!”
  • “Here’s to a very happy engagement and a lifetime of love.”
  • “Cheers to the two of you…and to the love you share!”
  • “May your engagement be happy. …
  • “A toast to your engagement! …
  • “Here’s to the wonderful two of you! …
  • “Celebrating your engagement!
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WHO announces an engagement?

Traditional engagement etiquette recommends that the bride’s parents be the first to be informed of their daughter’s engagement. Tell them in person, if possible—after all, they’re going to want to hug you and make a fuss! If they live too far away, a phone call is the next-best option.

What age should you get engaged?

One analysis of data provided by the National Survey of Family Growth suggests that getting married between the ages of 28 and 32 (and hypothetically, getting engaged about a year beforehand) offers the lowest risk of divorce.

What not to do when you get engaged?

6 Things You Should NEVER Do After You Get Engaged

  • Post the News On Social Media Before You’ve Told Your Closest Family and Friends. …
  • Start Planning Right Away. …
  • Go Wedding Dress Shopping. …
  • Answering Questions About Your Guest List or Wedding Party. …
  • Be Flexible. …
  • Stress Out.

How do you tell your parents you’re getting engaged?

Thinking About Proposing? First, Talk to Your Mom

  1. Start by telling your mom you want to propose to your significant other. …
  2. If your mom has ever married, ask her what her proposal was like. …
  3. Ask her if she knew he was “the One,” or if they talked about marriage before getting engaged. …
  4. Ask her about her engagement ring.

Should I tell my family before I propose?

We know it’s a little old fashion, but it’s still preferred for men to ask the girlfriend’s family for permission before proposing. You don’t have to necessarily ask her father, but at least let someone in her immediate family know of your intentions of marriage.

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