Can you get married on the Royal Gorge Bridge?

Can you get married on top of Pikes Peak?

The Cliff House at Pikes Peaks offers four wedding packages accommodating wedding parties of up to 150 guests. Our packages include full catering, luxurious accommodations for the bride and groom, and facility fee.

Is the Royal Gorge Bridge worth it?

Entry is $27 and online $25! Just the view is very breath taking. Walking over the gorge by bridge or by gondola or both is wonderful and very scenic.

Does it cost to drive across the Royal Gorge Bridge?

The bridge will be open to vehicle traffic between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day, according to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park website. Driving across costs $20, and is open to passenger cars, motorcycles, SUVs and minivans that hold eight people or less.

What state is Pikes Peak in?

Pikes Peak, located in the Rocky Mountains west of Colorado Springs, is one of the most famous — and most attainable — 14ers in the country.

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Can you see the Royal Gorge without paying?

Visiting most of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is not free. You can view the bridge and surrounding acreage from the parking lot or hang out inside the Visitor Center for free. But if you want to cross the bridge, take the Gondola, or ride any of the attractions, there is a cost.

Do you have to pay to walk the Royal Gorge Bridge?

The bridge was built as a tourist attraction 90 years ago in 1929 and has always had an admission fee. The fee helps us maintain the bridge and provide our guests with the amenities we do such as potable water and other amazing attractions.

Can you still drive across the Royal Gorge Bridge?

The Royal Gorge Bridge wasn’t built as a thoroughfare. While you can drive across it, once you get the other side, you have to turn around and drive over it again. It was really built as a tourist attraction.

How long does the Royal Gorge train ride last?

How long is the train ride? Morning and afternoon daily departures are 1.5-2 hours round trip. Evening departures at 6:30 are approximately 2.5 to 3-hours round trip.

How long do you spend at Royal Gorge?

No more than 2-3 hours. Spend time on the bridge, the zip-line is fun but certainly not a must. over a year ago. If it’s not crowded I allow 2-3 hrs to do the museum, gondola and zipline.

What is Boo at the bridge Royal Gorge?

Trick or Treat! Boo on the Bridge, the annual fun-filled evening at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park will take place from 4-7:30 p.m. Oct. 24. Ghosts and goblins can walk America’s highest suspension bridge, fill their treat bags and have some howling fun.

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Can you drive across the Royal Gorge Bridge 2021?

Following the Center for Disease Control guidelines and State of Colorado ordinances against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is allowing regular passenger cars, SUV’s, minivans, holding 8 persons or less, and motorcycles to drive across the bridge.

Where is the highest suspension bridge in United States?

Canon City, Colorado: America’s Highest Suspension Bridge. Now pedestrian-only, the Royal Gorge Bridge hangs more than a thousand feet above the Arkansas River. Built in 1929 and still the USA’s highest suspension bridge.