Best answer: Do you stand when the bride and groom exit?

Are you supposed to stand when the bride walks down the aisle?

Some may be concerned that breaking the normal tradition of guest standing before the Bride walks down the aisle can come off as being rude, but it’s far from that. The Guests are still honoring the Bride as she walks down the aisle, they are just standing up after she passes them and it still looks just as beautiful.

What do you do when the bride and groom leave the church?

Traditionally, guests file through a receiving line and then gather outside of the church, or down away from the ceremony site, to await the bride & groom. They then shower the bride & groom with something like rice, birdseed, confetti, petals, bubbles, etc. A “Formal Exit” takes place at the end of the reception.

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How do you end a wedding ceremony?

Most pronouncements end with the line, “You may now kiss the bride!” If that gives you the icks (and we totally get why it might), you don’t have to include it. You can remove the line altogether or change it to: You may seal your promise/union/marriage with a kiss. And now for your first kiss as a married couple.

How does the wedding party walk out?

Their bridal party will walk down the aisle first in an attempt to hide the bride for the big reveal. Then the bride walks down the aisle until reaching the mandap and exchanges garlands with the groom. Then the couple, the parents of the bride, and the priest will sit under the mandap to begin the ceremony.

Who walks bride down the aisle?

A Groomsman. The most traditional choice is for a groomsman to walk the bride’s mother down the aisle. This can be an especially good choice if the two sides of the wedding party are uneven or if you’d like to give this gentleman some additional spotlight.

Can the bride and groom walk down the aisle together?

You and your future spouse could walk down the aisle together, but when you reach the front of the altar, have your parents and his waiting to give you hugs. Another option is to have his parents walk down the aisle together first, then your parents walk, then you and the groom.

Who walks out first in a wedding?

1. Officiant. Your officiant is generally the first person to walk toward the altar, signifying the ceremony is about to commence.

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What is the order of a wedding recessional?

The recessional begins immediately after the first kiss. The couple leads the way back down the aisle—but not before the maid-of-honor hands back the bouquets and straightens out your gown and its train (should it need to be). Afterward come the flower girl and ring bearer, followed by the maid of honor and best man.

What is it called when the bride and groom walk back down the aisle?

What is a Recessional? As you begin making your wedding playlist, you might wonder, “What is a recessional?” The recessional happens at the end of the ceremony when the newly-married couple and wedding party walk back up the aisle.

What happens after the recessional?

The bride and groom are the first to exit during the recessional. They are then followed by the flower girl and the ring bearer. The maid of honor and best man will then make their way down the aisle, followed by the remaining bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride and groom’s parents will then exit.

What happens after you walk down the aisle?

Once you reach the altar, the processional is over, and the ceremony will begin when you and your partner are ready! As you reach the end of the aisle, take your place at the altar with your partner, and look to the officiant to let them know that you’re ready to start the ceremony.

Do you need a wedding exit?

In general, there are two acceptable times to perform a wedding exit. Most commonly, couples do their exit at the end of the reception. It’s literally their last appearance at the event. After their farewell, they hop into a limo and drive off into the sunset.

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Who stands next to the bride?

The maid of honor usually stands closest to the bride and holds the bride’s bouquet. If one of your besties is a matron of honor, you can ask her to stand in the second spot.

Who walks mother of bride down aisle?

The mother of the bride is the last person seated before the officiant, groom and best man take their places at the altar. She can walk alone or be escorted by her son, son-in-law or another relative.

Who walks the father of the groom down the aisle?

Walk Down the Aisle

Chief among father of the groom duties is walking the groom’s mother down the aisle. If the groom’s parents are divorced and the father is remarried, they should, instead, escort their new spouse down the aisle and to their seat.