Your question: Is iced tea still married?

Is iced tea still married to Coco?

Tarzana, California, U.S. Nicole Natalie Marrow (née Austin; born March 17, 1979), commonly known as Coco Austin, Coco, Coco Marie Austin, Coco Marie, and Coco-T, is an American actress, dancer, glamour model, and web personality. She has been married to rapper-actor Ice-T since January 2002.

Who is ice tea married to?

N.W.A rapper Ice Cube has been married to Kimberly Woodruff-Jackson since 1990. The two first met in 1988 but Kimberly was dating someone else at the time, yet the rapper made sure she noticed him.

Is Tea still married?

But as with so many couples, it’s also very much the secret to their success. Ice-T and Coco Austin have been married since 2005 (via the New York Daily News) and weathered TV stardom, parenthood and, other pitfalls.

Who is Coco’s daughter?

Ice-T and Coco have been married since December 2005 and they welcomed their only child together, Chanel, in 2015.

How old is Coco ice tea wife?

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin recently celebrated their 21st anniversary together, partying at a rooftop Cannabis hosted by the MJM and the Marijuana Industry Trade Association. The 63-year-old and his 42-year-old wife welcomed the new year with a toast to their strong love.

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Is O’Shea Jackson Jr related to Ice Cube?

O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (born February 24, 1991), also known as OMG, is an American rapper and actor. Jackson is the son of rapper and actor Ice Cube, and he portrayed his father in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton.

Does Ice-T have a daughter?

Deja passed away on August 19, 2020 at the age of 27 in Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

Are Ice Cube and Dr Dre friends?

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre have a long and storied history as friends and collaborators. Yet despite having spent time together as part of the legendary group NWA, the pair have only linked up on a handful of tracks in the years that followed.

Who is LL Cool J wife?

Ice-T co-founded the heavy metal band Body Count, which he introduced on his 1991 rap album O.G. Original Gangster, on the track titled “Body Count”.

Occupation Rapper actor songwriter producer
Years active 1982–present
Spouse(s) Coco Austin ​ ( m. 2002)​
Partner(s) Darlene Ortiz (1984–2001)

Did Coco and Ice-T get divorced?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T and wife Coco Austin are happily married. Austin put a halt to any speculation there could be trouble in paradise on Instagram Wednesday when a concerned fan asked if anything was up between the two.