Best answer: Do couples practice their wedding kiss?

Do couples have to kiss at a wedding?

It is quite a common practice for couples to kiss at the wedding. It is, however, entirely optional. Hope this helps, Regards Sharen Pelly. Hi Hayley, It was once believed that the first kiss as husband and wife was the uniting of their souls.

How do couples kiss at a wedding?

Kissing Games Ideas for your Wedding

  1. Answer a question about the couple Have the table/individual sing a love song – or a song with the word love in it.
  2. Demonstrate a kiss for us – you kiss someone and the wedding couple has to mimic your kiss.
  3. Guests have to sing a song that has the word love in it.

Can you kiss during wedding ceremony?

Just don’t plan it too much. When you’re at the altar in front of your officiant and all of your guests, imagine that it’s just the two of you. Lock eyes with your new spouse, lean in, and make it a natural moment. The more relaxed and organic it feels, the better your kiss photos will be!

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What is a dip kiss?

Act one: The Dip. First, says Cane, get your guy to wrap his arms around your waist. Then seductively work your right hand over his chest and up to the nape of his neck and hold on tight. Here’s your cue to toss your head back, letting your left hand fall to your side in slo-mo as you lean backward.

Why do they kiss at wedding?

Wedding kiss

It is a Western custom for a newly married couple to exchange a kiss at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. Some Christians hold the belief that the kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls between the bride and the groom, fulfilling the scripture that “the two shall become one flesh”.

How should the bride and groom kiss?


  • Get Close. Unless you want to look like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, you should not have to hinge at the waist to lock lips. …
  • Do Something with Your Hands. You need a game-plan for hand placement. …
  • Close Your Eyes. …
  • Go for it! …
  • Approach Each Other Too Quickly. …
  • Tilt Your Head TOO Much. …
  • Make it Last Forever.

What does tapping a glass at a wedding mean?

“The custom of tapping glasses originated in the Middle Ages when any alcoholic drink was thought to contain actual ‘spirits’, such as the ‘demon’ in ‘demon rum’, who, when imbibed, inhabited the host’s body, causing the imbiber to do things that he/she would not ordinarily do.

What is the wedding kissing game?

The idea behind this one is that if the guests want the newlyweds to kiss, they have to come up with someone and demonstrate a kiss. The advantage is that it limits who comes up. As well, you get some amazing and fun photos if your photographer is on the ball.

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Which kiss Is Best for first kiss?

Peck. The peck is a simple, light touch of the lips. The lips might be closed and slightly puckered or pursed, or they might be looser. This is generally what people aim for with their first kiss because it’s intimate without being overly sensual.

What happens after wedding kiss?

The recessional begins immediately after the first kiss. The couple leads the way back down the aisle—but not before the maid-of-honor hands back the bouquets and straightens out your gown and its train (should it need to be). Afterward come the flower girl and ring bearer, followed by the maid of honor and best man.

Can you kiss during the first look?

With a first look, couples can take their time with one another and truly speak what’s on their heart. They can hug, kiss, and fully take in the moment without being rushed. Also, during the first look, when the groom sees the bride for the first time, he’s actually seeing his future wife!

How do I kiss my husband?

Start by tilting in and locking your partner’s lips with yours. Remember to go with the flow, rushing through this divine moment can ruin the feel of it. Slowly extend your tongue and reach out for your partner’s tongue. Just feel the moment and you’d nail your ‘perfect kiss’!

Which kiss is most romantic?

French kiss is regarded as the kiss for lovers. It is the most passionate and erotic kiss. You need to use your tongue for this kiss.

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