Best answer: Has anyone broke up on dont tell the bride?

Are any don’t tell the bride couples still together?

Don’t Tell The Bride’s infamous couple have split after just NINE months together. The pair – branded the Channel 4 and E4 favourite’s ‘worst ever’ couple – tied the knot in a Las Vegas wedding.

Are Anna and Sian from dont tell the bride still together?

But they still tied the knot in a civil partnership at Liverpool Town Hall in 2011. And a decade later, all is forgiven and the Liverpudlian couple is still very much in love. After eight years of trying to get pregnant, Sian recently gave birth to “miracle baby” Zepphi-Love.

Has anyone ever Cancelled the wedding on don’t tell the bride?

FOR THE first time in the show’s history, a Don’t Tell The Bride wedding has been cancelled after the couple were caught cheating. Yanis and Shanise, from Birmingham, were left “heartbroken” when producers of the E4 series called off their upcoming nuptials after finding them secretly communicating.

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Are Sofia and Craig from don’t tell the bride still together?

Sofia and Craig

Craig’s Oktober-Fest themed wedding let his fiancée down so badly that they never made their nuptials legal. The pair appeared on the show ready to wed after eight years together and two children, but Sofia’s boho beach wedding turned into a nightmare after Craig took the lead.

Who got divorced on don’t tell the bride?

Most dramatically, Bianca and Adam from the last season of the show have been the most recent couple to divorce. The couple had only been married for 18 months when Bianca discovered flirtatious texts messages on her husband’s phone shortly after he was rushed to hospital.

Who pays for the wedding on don’t tell the bride?

The premise of Don’t Tell The Bride is this: a couple are given money for their wedding ceremony, but every aspect must be organised by the (often hapless) groom in just three weeks with no contact from the (very stressed) bride.

Are Luke and Alex from don’t tell the bride still together?

Despite not being together for very long, the couple know they are made for each other. For the last four years Luke has been working in temporary jobs abroad, but now his life has been transformed by Alex and he feels settled for the first time. So after just six loved-up months with Alex, Luke decided to propose.

Are Sam and Katie still together?

Katy said despite the drama, and being separated from Sam for four weeks while filming the programme, they had a “fantastic” Moulin Rouge themed wedding day – on Friday, July 13, in Warwickshire. She said: “It was a very difficult process being sidelined from my own wedding.

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Are Steve and Leona still together?

Leona goes through with the wedding

But despite all of the drama on the wedding day, Leona still went through with it and married Steve to the shock of viewers. And the couple are still together! From Leona’s Facebook profile, we found that the couple have just been on their honeymoon and are as loved up as ever.

How much money do you get in dont tell the bride?

Format. The show’s format consists of a couple who are given £12,000 (£14,000 in the BBC One and E4 versions) to spend on their wedding.